About the author

Alonzo Harris is a self-confessed narcissist who’s trying to regain control of his life.

He’s led a life of emotional manipulation in which he destroyed the lives of countless people. He went to high school, after which worked as an assistant manager at a men’s clothing store. He then went to prison where he was mistakenly placed in gen-pop for a while. He almost died as a consequence of his actions there. He got out, none the wiser sadly. More women, more manipulations. He manipulated and was also manipulated. Lessons from prison life went out the window. Then came the life of crime. Jewelry heists, drug deals. A crime lord was crossed. Alonzo barely managed to escape with his life. What followed was more women whose hearts he broke.

Then came a day when the truth of his existence dawned upon him. There were reflections and the pain of his self-knowledge made itself known. There was a period of introspection in which he realized the full extent of his actions. Determined to atone for his actions, he dove into researching Narcissistic Personality Disorder and understanding and accepting his condition. This story is his first attempt at atonement.